Palm Rejection

GoodNotes provides a palm rest function and an intelligent automatic palm rejection algorithm to assist with your note-taking.

Automatic Palm Rejection

It works by guessing which touch is the writing touch on the screen and ignores all other touches. It will be able to remove most unwanted marks from the palm to appear on a page. For best results, do not rest your palm on a page when you are not writing; only rest your palm on a page when you write.


The auto-palm rejection works for both left hands and right hands, and even let you specify how you hold your pen for best results.

  1. Tap the Options button located at the bottom right.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Palm Rejection.
  4. Tap Configuration.
  5. Rotate the hand picture with one finger to the angle of your writing posture.

Palm Rest

The palm rest lets you rest your palm on the lower part of the screen without making any changes. It is disabled by default; please enable it from the Settings window if you want to use it. The palm rest can be resized by dragging its control handle; tapping on its control handle will open it when it is closed, and close it when it is opened.